Why I Love to Blog

This is not necessarily DIY or “Homemade” related but it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m trying to find that balance in blogging, not over-sharing but also trying to keep it real.  I think that as a mom of three young girls, people wonder or ask me “how do you keep up with a blog and your kids?” First off, I never want to come across that my life is perfect or that I’m perfect. I’ve been accused of that before, and it’s definitely not my intention. But a lot of times in blogging world, things end up seeming that way.

I blog because I love it. It gives me joy and fulfillment. Sometimes I feel guilty about that. As a mom,  shouldn’t I be constantly serving my children and putting their joy and needs above my own? Instead of spending my evenings and naptimes on blogging, shouldn’t I be cleaning the house or planning amazing educational activities for my girls for the next day?

While I think it is important to clean the house and provide educational activities for your kids, I also think it’s important to foster our own creativity and passions as moms.  It makes us better moms. If we spend all of our energy on our kids and neglect ourselves, we will get burned out on parenting. Also, I think it’s ok to have your kids see you do something for you that doesn’t involve them.  It’s ok if they aren’t #1 all the time. I hope that as my girls see me doing something I love, they will feel permission to do something they love and explore their own passions.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that my house is often a mess, there isn’t always an amazing home cooked meal on the table and my girls are usually wearing mis-matched, crazy outfits. I’m not perfect and I can’t do it all. But I do find time to be creative because it’s important to me and I know that it’s ok and good to pursue my own passions. So if you read blogs and constantly are pinning things on Pinterest but feel like you could never actually do any of those things, I want to tell you to stop feeling that way. Just start doing something that you enjoy. Whether it’s actually attempting one of the thousands of things you’ve pinned, finally sitting down and finishing that book or picking up that musical instrument, pursue a passion and don’t feel guilty about it. And maybe start a blog about it so that you can encourage someone else to do the same!

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