The Ultimate ALDI Whole30 Shopping List

3. Sugar-Free Marinara Sauce. I had a tough time finding marinara sauce without sugar. I had heard there was a genre at Trader Joes that was sugar free, so I grabbed some without looking at the ingredients. When I got home, I noticed it DID in fact have sugar in it. So, I looked to my good ol’ friend, ALDI to help me out. And yep…their organic marinara sauce has NO SUGAR! And it’s so cheap! Even Trader Joes couldn’t deliver on this one. I use marinara sauce a lot on Whole30 for quick and easy meat sauces that I eat with either zoodles or spaghetti squash. (NOTE: A lot of people have informed me that ALDI recently changed their marinara sauce and now it has sugar. So, check your labels!)

This is THE ULTIMATE whole30 Aldi shopping list. Shop for your Whole30 grocery list without spending a fortune!!

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