TUTORIAL: Etched Glass Mug

Here’s a quick little project that I did for the girls to give their grandmothers on mothers day.  It didn’t turn out perfectly, but I think it was still cute.  I used the same method as the etched glass ornaments.

First, you want to print or draw out the words that you want to etch. Then, you will lay that on top of the back side of some painters tape.  The girls call their grandmas “Lolly” and Gramie”, so that is what we put on the mugs!

Then, take your exacto knife and carefully cut around the letters, making sure that both layers are being cut.

Next, get out your glass mug. I found mine at Target.

Place your painters tape stencil on the mug.

Now you want to get out some etching cream. It can be found at any craft store.

Use a sponge brush to apply the cream to the stencil. Apply it fairly thick.

Let it sit for a few hours and then wash off with soap and water.  Here’s where my mugs went wrong. I don’t think I pressed the tape down enough and some of the etching cream seeped through, making the letters a little fuzzy. So, I went back with a toothpick and evened out some of the edges and let that sit for another hour or so.

Then, after you wash that off…you are done! My letters still weren’t perfectly crisp, but still cute! Fill the mug with some fun little gifts and you are good to go!

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