TUTORIAL: DIY Pom Pom Gift Bows

The past few years I have shared my Christmas gift wrapping strategies with you all. I enjoyed coming up with something new and fresh (and cheap) again this year to share!

I picked up some plain white wrapping paper at the dollar store for just $1 (duh) for the whole roll. I already had the yarn on hand leftover from my pom pom garland.  The patterned paper you see is from Target. Reid actually picked it out and I think it’s super cute!

I made the pom poms the same way as I did the garland, just bigger.

Instead of using a fork, I found a cardboard piece from a game and wrapped the yarn around it about 40 times. The card is about 2X4, but any size will do!

After you are done wrapping, tie it off and carefully slip it off the card.

Get another piece of yarn and tie around the middle. This creates a bunch of loops.

Now take your scissors and cut through all those loops.

Fluff it out and maybe give it a little “haircut” just to even it all out.

Tie on your packages! I used some washi tape and card stock tags for the gift labels.

Done! What are your gift wrapping secrets this year?

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