TUTORIAL: DIY Pom Pom Garland

As promised, I’m back with a quick tutorial on the pom pom garland that you all saw on my winter mantle. I found this tutorial and tweaked it to work for me.

All you need is yarn, scissors and a fork. Easy!

Stick the yarn in down in the middle of the fork.

Hold on to the yarn and wrap around about 30 times.

Bring around the other end of the yarn and tie to secure.

Now get another small piece of yarn and thread it through the middle of the fork. I used green here just so it’s easier to see, but you would normally want to use the same color.

Wrap it around and tie tightly.

Slip the whole thing off the fork and cut through the “loops” of yarn.

Fluff it out and now you have a pom pom! Leave the long string attached.

Use the long string to tie onto another long piece of yarn. Keep attaching pom poms every few inches until you have a fun garland your desired length! Trim off any extra yarn. Done!

Hang them on the tree, on your mantle or door…

It would be so cute for a birthday party too! 

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