Tissue Paper Tassel Planter


Tissue paper tassel planter

I have yet another planter/succulent craft for you today. I made a tissue paper tassel banner a few weeks ago for Pearl’s room and I had the idea of making another tiny one out of the leftovers. Everything is cuter in miniature form, right? Then I realized I had nowhere to put this teeny tiny tassel banner. So, I found an extra terra cotta pot and a succulent…and I think it turned out pretty stinkin’ cute.

Tissue Paper
Hot Glue

Tissue paper tassel planter

Step 1: Grab a piece of tissue paper and fold it in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Fold if in half again.

Step 3: Unfold and cut along the creases that you’ve just made. You will have 2 skinny pieces.

Step 4: Grab one skinny piece of tissue paper and fold it in half lenthwise.

Step 5: Fold in half the other way.

Step 6: Fold in half again.

Tissue paper tassel planter

Step 7: Fold in half one more time.

Step 8: Cut lines in the bottom of the rectangle, stopping about a half inch from the folded top.

Step 9: Unfold your fringed piece and cut along all the folded lines. You should have 8 pieces.

Step 10: Roll each piece of tissue paper with the fringe on either side.

Step 11: Twist the center portion of the tassel.

Tissue paper tassel planter

Step 12: Lay your piece of twine across the center of the tassel and add a dot of hot glue to the center.

Tissue paper tassel planter

Step 13: Fold the tassel over the twine and twist a few times.

Tissue paper tassel planter

These tiny tassels can be hung anywhere. They are also pretty addicting to make. I’m picturing a bunch of these tiny tassel garlands hanging on a wall above a bed…or maybe draped across a mantle…or wrapped around a mason jar with some flowers in it.

Tissue paper tassel planter

For another super easy planter idea, check out my pom pom planters! These are equally as easy and cute. And for more fun with tassels, make my tassel table runner!

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