Summer Share Saturday: Janiene from A Bunch Of Bishops

It’s time for another great guest blogger! Janiene from A Bunch of Bishops is sharing some summery recipes for cucumbers. Enjoy!!


Hello lovely Homemade Ginger readers!

My name is Janiene and I blog over at A Bunch of Bishops. My blog is a collection of life-moments, DIY crafts, recipes, homeschooling lessons and activities, and a lot of me just trying to find my way in this life as a wife & mom. Oh, and I LOVE iced coffee, just saying 🙂

When Megan asked me to guest post on her site my first reaction was to check the email address and make sure she really meant to send this to me. I have a tiny little blog and I felt so blessed and honored to have her extend this invitation to me! So, here I am, on Megan’s amazing blog, extending a friendly hello to you all, and I cannot wait to share with you today! 🙂 Here we go!!…

Cucumbers 3 Ways…

I have been trying my hand (somewhat successfully, and a bit disastrously) at growing summer vegetables. We started a small garden as a homeschool lesson for my son. It grew to be a fun little project for us both and he has even entered his veggies in the country fair and won 1st & 3rd place.

I quickly discovered that plants cannot be over-watered (ooops), they don’t like it when you don’t harvest them in time, and the last lesson we learned is that we better like what we planted because we will be eating a lot of it! So, today’s post is about cucumbers, because I have a lot of them – Ha! 🙂 Let’s talk about 3 yummy ways to use cucumbers…

Way #1…
Cucumber Water

This is the yummiest, most refreshing water you can serve! Simply slice up a medium cucumber, steep in the refrigerator in a pitcher of filtered water for an hour, add crushed ice, and then serve! SO YUMMY!

Way #2…
Tangy Cucumber & Tomato Chutney

Simply chop up a medium cucumber, 2 roma tomatoes (seeded), 1/2 purple onion (I used a yellow onion today because that is what I had), 1/2 cup chopped cilantro (or fresh coriander), and 1/2 cup vinegar. Stir all the ingredients together and let sit in your fridge or on your counter for an hour. Serve alongside of spicy indian curry to help cool it down and add some tangy flavors. I learned how to make this from my Missions Pastor Mike and he told me he learned it while he was traveling in Dehreduhn India. This is a super yummy chutney!

Way #3…
An Afternoon Snack

A freshly picked cucumber, a little kosher salt, and you have a great afternoon snack! Did you know 1/2 cup of sliced cucumber has 8 calories, contains more than 10% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, and is more than 95% water! This is a super healthy snack! The salt, to me, just makes it awesome 🙂

I hope you received some cucumber inspiration today! If you would like to check out what is happening over in my corner of the blog world, {click here} to be directed to A Bunch of Bishops 🙂

Megan, thank you for inviting me onto your blog to share with your awesome followers today! I had a BLAST!!!

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