Pinned it…Made it {Bean Bag Chairs}

I want to start a somewhat regular series about things I’ve pinned and actually followed through and made. I find some things I end up making really aren’t as great as they seem when I pin them (usually recipes) and other things turn out fabulous. I thought it would be helpful to review the good and bad “pins” with you all!  Today is installment #1!

I originally pinned this image and thought it would be so fun to make this little pouf for the girls.

After reading through the post, I realized the pattern is actually from Living With Punks and led me to a tutorial that I’ve already seen around.

So, I decided to tackle the project as a Christmas gift for my girls. After finding some adorable premier prints fabric on sale, I ordered it and made the project in one evening. I ended up cutting up an old beanbag chair and using it’s contents for the inside to make an actual bean bag and not just a pouf filled with stuffing.

The project seriously was SO easy and they turned out so cute! The hardest part was not making a huge mess when filling it with the beanbag pellets. And the girls love them! They sit on them to read books in their room. Here they are on Christmas morning sitting on their bean bags!

If you are new to sewing, don’t be intimidated by this project. It’s super easy and I love that it only requires 1 yard of fabric. I used heavy decor weight fabric that was on sale for $7/yard, so that made this little project under $10 for one bean bag!

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