Painted Doors Galore!

We are on a door painting frenzy over here.  After the 7 coat front door fiasco, we decided to tackle ALL of the rest of the doors in our house.  We’ve been putting it off for too long. After taking off all the doors and hardware, we borrowed my dads paint sprayer and set them up on the basement.

painted doors

We took off all the hardware and separated them into labeled bags.

I followed YHL’s advice on spray painting  hardware and deglossed and lightly sanded each piece. Then, I  came up with a system for painting all sides of the handles and screws. I got a box for each door and poked holes in them. Then, i could stick the handles and screws in each hole and they stayed up straight.

You can see how the brass finish was coming off the handles

It only took about 1.5 cans of old rubbed bronze spray paint (with primer included) to spray all the handles.

Now, here is where I’m terrible. I ALWAYS forget to take “before” pictures.  We get started on a project and then I realize I never snapped a pic. I found a random picture of our entryway to show you how dark our doors were before with the brass handles.

And here is that closet entryway door after:

Not the best lighting, but this is the door knob after it’s been painted

We even painted the linen closet at the end of our hallway. I sprayed those handles as well, maybe someday I will upgrade those though.

It made such a huge difference to have all the doors and hardware painted. But it was a pretty big project. Reid had taken the week off of work to get projects around the house done and I’m glad because there is no way we could have tackled this in a weekend!

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