{Organize 2014} Blog Organization!

I’m excited to start a year-long series in 2014!  I already have some projects both big and small in the works to share over the year. I’ve said this before, but one of my weaknesses in life is organization. Instead of just giving in and accepting that I’m organizationally-challenged, I’m attempting to do something about it!

What better way to make a change than to announce to thousands of people over the internet? I’m going to work through places in my life and home this year to make them more organized and beautiful and of course I will share them with you!

The first place I needed to start was this blog. My Tutorials and Recipes pages were super outdated. I constructed all of the HTML coding myself a long time ago, but it was so time consuming to add new projects to the list. I decided to go the easy route and use inlinkz to keep everything current. Now I can add my new projects and recipes to the list with just a few clicks. Yay!

So far, I have about 60 tutorials listed for your viewing pleasure. Just click and go to wherever your heart desires. I’m sure I’m missing some, so I will keep adding to it as I search through my archives.

I also have my recipes listed…I know I’m missing some of these, so I will keep adding to the list. And I have a few kinks to work out. You don’t need to see “Recipes” listed twice…I know you are smarter than that.

And keep scrolling to see my cleaning recipes listed as well! Yay!

It was kind of a process to convert everything over to this method, but now it will be so easy just to add my new posts to the list. It was fun to go through all of these projects, I had forgotten about a lot of them. Go check out the ones you missed!!

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