New Series: Frugal Fall

I’m trying something new here on Homemade Ginger.  I will be doing a small little series during the month of October called “Frugal Fall”.  We are in a saving and frugal season of life right now and I thought it would be a fun challenge for myself to share a money saving tip every day for this month.

I will also be posting regularly with the other normal Homemade Ginger posts, so most days will have TWO posts!

I decided to break down each week to have a different money saving theme. Week one is DECORATING!  Here’s today’s quick tip:

I love to read decorating and interior design blogs, but don’t have the budget to buy a lot of home decor items.  The thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you are wanting something always check at few thrift stores first.  

Four Home Decor Items To Always Buy at the Thrift Store:

Vases – there is really no need to ever purchase a new vase. Thrift stores usually have dozens and dozens of them for $1 or less. Always shop there first!

Baskets – One way to make your home look a little more organized and put together is to store things in baskets. I usually can find a few for super cheap! If I see a good one, I will usually buy it even if I don’t have a specific thing in mind for it. I can always find a use for a good basket and they are expensive to buy new.

Picture frames – We will talk about this more another day, but there is no reason to ever buy a new picture frame again. Always check your thrift store first!

Decorative Pottery – Do you want to put your loose change and keys in a pretty bowl, stash your pencils in a fun cup or hang a collage of plates on the wall? There are a plethora of interesting vintage plates and cups or mugs as well as classic white options at your thrift store.

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