Mother’s Day Craft: Gilded Watercolor Handprint

My gold leaf supply strikes again with this little craft idea. I was trying to think up a Mother’s Day craft with supplies I already had on hand in my craft bin. I decided to come up with something the kids can help with but still ends up being something you might hang on the wall. Hence, the gilded watercolor handprint.

These are the supplies you will need:

  • Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Gilding adhesive
  • Heavy paper
  • Watercolors

First, have your little one paint all over a heavy piece of paper. I recommend limiting them to 2-3 analogous colors so that the paper still looks pretty when finished and not muddy and brown.

Next, trace their little hand on another piece of heavy paper and cut it out.

Dip a small brush in the gilding adhesive and lay your handprint on top of the watercolor paper. “Trace” around the edge of the hand with the adhesive, just to get an outline. When you lift the hand, you should have a nice hand shape.

Fill this in with more gilding adhesive.

Lay a piece of gold leaf on top of the adhesive after it has dried a bit and is tacky.

Smooth it all out and then brush away the excess.

You should have a pretty little gold hand!

You could turn this into a handmade Mother’s Day card or frame it and give it to Grandma.

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