Modern Wooden Bunting

Make a modern wooden bunting to adorn your door for fall!I’m always thinking up new ideas to jazz up my front door. I’ve made many wreaths, like my brush stroke autumn wreath from last year. It didn’t hold up for another season, though. So I decided to try a bunting instead of a wreath this time around!  I just kind of started making it with no real plan in mind and I think it turned out pretty cute! So keep reading to find out how I made this wooden bunting!


bunting4When I first saw these wooden bunting pieces at the craft store, my original thought was to somehow make them into a wreath. But that just wasn’t working so I decided to use them for their intended purpose. I painted them all white first and let it dry.


bunting3Then I masked off a small section at the bottom. I made each one kind of wonky so that it didn’t look perfect.


Modern Wooden Bunting I used sharpie to draw out the letters for “hello” and a period.

Make a modern wooden bunting to adorn your door!Lastly, I strung some twine through the holes and hung it on my bright yellow door!


Stick some plants in a vintage radio flyer wagon for easy fall decor!My little fall doorstep is coming together! My mom recently moved and she gave me her vintage radio flyer wagon, so I stuck some mums in that.


Fall doorstep decorAnd of course my funny concrete pumpkin planter and big chalkboard even things out on the other side.


Make a modern wooden bunting to adorn your door for fall!There you have it! Almost ready for fall!


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