Marbled Pumpkins

I wanted to try my hand at marbling something with nail polish.  I still had some faux pumpkins around that I had picked up from the dollar store, so I thought I’d give it a shot! I think they turned out pretty unique, I definitely like the black and white one better. I did try this with a plate first and it was a total fail.

marbled pumpkin diy tutorial

I was shocked at how easy it was! All you need is warm water and some nail polish.

marbled pumpkin nail polish tutorial

I just did black, but you could definitely add in a few colors. I lined a container with foil just so it didn’t get ruined and filled it up with warm water. Then, I poured in some nail polish.

diy marbled pumpkin nail polish tutorial
I swirled it around with the back of a paint brush.

diy marbled pumpkin nail polish tutorial

Then, I just took the pumpkin and kind of swirled it around until it was covered in the weird nail polish slime.

diy marbled pumpkin tutorial homemade ginger

Let it dry and you are done! The black and white pumpkin looks more marbled. The gold one just kind of looks like it has weird black splotches on it. But it still works for fall. Maybe it looks like a spider web? I’ll say that I meant for it to look like a spider web.

DIY marbled pumpkin tutorial on homemade Ginger
diy marbled pumpkin using nail polish on homemade ginger

It would be  fun to try to find other objects to marble and experiment with all sorts of colors!

diy marbled pumpkins using nail polsih on homemade ginger

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