A Lovely Home Day 1: Cheery Door Hoop Tutorial

 Introducing March’s 30 Days Project.…31 Day of A Lovely Home.  I have so many home DIY projects I’ve been wanting to do, but instead I’ve been repurposing, cooking, doing kids activities and being frugal.  I’m so excited to tackle all of my ideas that have been building up.  I know I haven’t been as diligent in posting over the month of February.  I’ve taken on some new things in life, so it’s been a little hard to balance. But, hopefully I will be back in full blogging swing for March. I hope to post every weekday with a home project. Some projects will be 2-3 days long since they will be more involved.

Without further adeiu…here is my first Lovely Home project tutorial. Enjoy!

It’s March…and I know we could still have snow here in Kansas City. But I refuse to accept winter any longer and I’m deciding it’s spring. So, I needed a new door adornment to cheer things up. I love the embroidery hoop trend and decided to do one for the door instead of a wreath for something a little different!

I used a 14″ embroidery hoop and an old white sheet that has been cut in pieces for various projects.  I used the freezer paper method to stencil the welcome on the sheet.

If you aren’t familiar with freezer paper stenciling, you simply print or draw your word or image on the dull side of a piece of freezer paper.

Cut it out with an exacto knife….(in my case, I had to save the inside of the o and the e’s)

Iron it onto your fabric, shiny side down….

Then, put some newspaper under it to prevent bleeding. I mixed up a gray color in some acrylic paint. This is my first time using acrylic paint…I usually do fabric paint….

Once it’s dry (I use a hairdryer to speed things up because I’m impatient) peel off the freezer paper and you’re done! I wasn’t too happy with the acrylic paint. It bled and wasn’t as crisp as the fabric paint is. So, I’d recommend fabric paint.

Center your fabric on the embroidery hoop

I found this fun felt flower tutorial.  It was pretty simple to do. I won’t do a tutorial on them since you can just click on the link and follow the tutorial over there!

But, after I made my flowers and trimmed off the excess fabric. I just glued the fabric down around the back inside of the embroidery hoop and hot glued the flowers on. Done!

I love it! Fun, cheerful and modern. Plus, it could be used on a wall or mirror later.

It would also be fun to experiment with floral or chevron fabric and monochromatic flowers. Or multi-colored letters.

Right now it’s just hanging on a nail, but it doesn’t seem terribly secure. It’s stayed up so far, but I may be hanging it from a ribbon if it falls down!

Happy Spring!!

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