Kid Craft: Fall Frames 3 Ways

Fall here is here and so are fall decor projects! I’ve come up with 3 easy frames that you or your kids can make to add some frugal decor to your home!

For all three frames, I used a wooden frame from Michaels that cost $1. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that! But this would probably work with anything, you could even use an old picture frame that you have laying around.

For the Lentil frame, you will need either dried split green peas or lentils, glue, wooden frame and a sponge brush. You could also use dried beans!

Mix the glue with a little water and brush it GENEROUSLY on the frame.

Grab those lentils or split peas and have your child sprinkle them on.

Let it sit right there for a few hours to dry. Most of them will amazingly stick! Older children can create a pattern using different colors of lentils.

For the pumpkin seed frame, you will need a wooden frame, pumpkin seeds and glue mixed with water.

Just like the lentil frame, brush the glue on. This time, do smaller sections.  Have your child put the seeds on the frame. They can create patterns or just do it randomly.

Pretty cute!

And lastly, for the yarn wrapped frame, you just need a wooden frame and some yarn.  Tie or hot glue the yarn on the back of the frame and start wrapping away.

Switch up colors or just keep it to one color.  Your child can wrap the yarn close together or far apart.

And there you have it! Three fun frames that you can pull out year after year.  These would also be a great craft to do for those elementary classroom parties or as a teacher gift.

Happy crafting!

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