Is Poshmark Worth It?

In an attempt to be more conscious about my clothing purchases over the past year, I have done a lot of research on Poshmark. I have a lot of experience with both selling and purchasing clothing through Poshmark and I have some great information to share for anyone else who is interested in using this platform. Poshmark is an online retailer where users can sell and purchase used or new clothing. It’s a way to buy gently used clothing at a reduced price. If you are wondering if Poshmark is worth it or is right for you, then hopefully this article will lead you in the right direction.

Is Poshmark worth it? Even though Poshmark does take a percentage of the earnings for a seller and it may take awhile for clothing to sell, Poshmark still might be a great option for selling high quality, used clothing out of your closet. If you are looking to purchase clothing through Poshmark, you can often find some good deals, however, Poshmark’s shipping fees can be quite high.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

Is Poshmark Worth It?

If you are familiar with my blog at all, you might know that I love finding used items for my home. I am slightly obsessed with thrift stores, antique stores and flea markets. I love how it saves me money, is great for the environment and fills my home with pieces that have character. The same goes with clothing purchases, but I do find that it is more difficult to find quality used clothing purchases for myself. This is where Poshmark comes in.

Over the past couple of years, I have tried to be more conscious about my clothing purchases and not give in to “fast fashion”. A lot can be said for the poor ethical practices of the clothing industry. A way to fight against this, is to purchase from ethical or fair trade clothing companies (which can be very expensive), or purchase used clothing. I have tried online “thrift stores” such as Thread Up, but I wasn’t very happy with my experience there and I didn’t think it was a very good value. While I love to find children’s clothing at thrift stores, it can be more difficult and time consuming to find quality clothing in my personal size and style.

All of these struggles lead me to try Poshmark and I spent a few months experimenting with the platform on both the selling and buying end. I have a lot of tips and tricks if you are wondering if Poshmark is worth it for you.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

Is Poshmark Worth It For Selling Clothing?

I think the biggest question is if Poshmark is worth it for selling clothing? In a short answer, yes, I think so. It does depend on what you are selling. I will share my personal experience and you can decide for yourself.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

General Tips For Selling Used Clothing On Poshmark

If you have very gently used clothing that is high quality and brand name, then I think Poshmark is absolutely worth it. I have tried to sell clothing on FB Marketplace with no luck, then put it on Poshmark and it sold right away. Here are my tips of selling used clothing:

Only list items that are in “like new” or excellent condition

If your item has flaws, it’s usually not worth listing it, unless it is a very expensive brand

Stick to name brand items

Brands like Madewell, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Anthropologie and Free People will have a much higher success rate than a no name brand.

Steer clear of clothing from discount stores like Walmart and Target.

These items won’t sell as fast and you won’t make much profit. In my opinion, it’s not worth the hassle.

Ship Your Items Right Away

If you have made a sale, it’s important to ship it right away so that you can receive a good rating from the buyer. I aim to ship my item within 2 days of selling it. Another great tip is to order free padded shipping mailers and boxes from the Post Office. You can select the sizes that you want, and they will ship it to you for free. That way, you have a stash and can immediately package up an item and drop it off at the Post Office as soon as it sells.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

How To Quickly Sell Clothing on Poshmark

A big concern with Poshmark is getting clothing to sell quickly. There are a few different ways to get your clothing to sell fast.

Good photos are important

Make sure your photos are light and bright. It’s ok to include the stock photos of your items, but you want to include photos of your actual clothing items as well so that people can see exactly what condition they are in. If there are any flaws, make sure to include photos of the imperfections. Great photography will go a long way in making a sale.

Include detailed descriptions

As obvious as it might seem, it’s important to have very detailed descriptions of each item. It is surprising how many sellers don’t do this. Be sure to include everything about fit, style, brand, fabric content and even specific style numbers. I measure each item and list the measurements too.

Poshmark is a Social Network, so it’s important to be social.

It’s important to remember that Poshmark is meant to be a social platform and has an algorithm just like Facebook or Instagram. If you want to have your clothing items seen, then you need to be social. It is important to share other users’ clothing items, follow and comment on other people’s profiles. This will entice people to come check out your closet and share it with their followers as well.

Share and update your own closet frequently.

While it’s important to share other people’s items, it’s also critical that you share your own. I tend to share the items in my closet twice a day. It might seem daunting, but it really only takes a minute or two – unless you have hundreds of items you are selling.

Join Posh “Parties”

Poshmark has “parties” every single day. If you log into your account, you will notifictions about parties and when they are happening. Parties are just another way to get your closet items to be seen and to interact with other users. The parties have different themes such as shoes, tops, summer apparel, etc. I have found that when I share my items to a party and interact with other people who are also sharing, I will get more likes and follows in return.

Make Offers To “Likers”

When I first started selling on Poshmark, I made the mistake of being stubborn on the listing price and not coming down. This results in clothing being listed for a long time. However, if you make an offer to anyone who likes your listing, then your chances of the item selling quickly are much higher. I will immediately send an offer to any liker. Keep this in mind when pricing your item. Maybe price it a few dollars higher than your bottom line so that you have the wiggle room to make offers.

Drop Your Prices

If an item is not selling right away, it might be a good idea to drop your price. Oftentimes, Poshmark will run a deal where if you drop your price, they will send an e-mail to all of that item’s likers and they will offer discounted shipping as well. I usually jump on the opportunity when they run those deals. If my item doesn’t sell within a couple of weeks, then I know it’s time to drop the price.

Consider All Offers

I cringe when I think of the times that people sent me offers on items when I was just starting out and I simply declined their offer. Getting an offer on an item is such a gold opportunity, you need to jump on it! Always consider offers and counter back. It’s ok to counter back and forth a few times until you agree on a price.

If All Else Fails, Re-List Items

If I have an item that only has a few likes and has been sitting in my closet for month, but I’m not ready to give up on it yet, then I simply delete the listing and re-list it. Sometimes when people are searching, they will see the date and why an item has sat there for so long. By deleting a listing and relisting it, it gives it a more recent date and puts it back into the algorithm.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

Is Poshmark Worth It For Buying Clothing?

While selling on Poshmark might not be for everyone, I think that buying on Poshmark is a fabulous way to find high quality items at a discounted price. Just like with selling, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when purchasing on Poshmark.

Stick To Name Brands That You Are Familiar With

Similarly to selling, it’s probably not worth it to purchase brands from Target or Walmart on Poshmark. I tend to only look for clothing that has a pretty high price-point when it’s new, so that I get a really great deal on a used item. Also, if you stick with brands that you know fit you well, then you won’t have any issues with fit since it’s more difficult to return things on Poshmark.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make An Offer

I have never purchased anything for the full listing price on Poshmark. It’s always a good idea to make an offer unless it’s something that is hard to find and is listed at a crazy low price. I have found that usually, the seller will accept my lower offer or counter back with something lower than the original listing price.

Search Often

I have a running list of things I’m looking for on Poshmark. They are usually very specific items from specific brands. A lot of sellers want to list items for just a few dollars lower than the retail price, which is not a price I’m willing to pay. But, I have found that if I search often, I can usually find what I’m looking for at a great price. It’s important to frequently look because things can sell quickly when they are priced lower. I have found 2 pair of brand new Madewell jeans at crazy prices just because I searched every single day until I found exactly what I wanted at a low price.

Is Poshmark worth it for you? This post has tons of tips and tricks for selling and buying on poshmark!

I hope this article has encouraged you to give Poshmark a try. You may be surprised at the great clothing items you can find. And you may be delighted to discover that you can make a pretty good profit from selling things that you have sitting in your closet at home that you no longer wear! If you are interested, take a peek at my Poshmark closet!

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