How to Make Curtain Tie Backs

This is one of the first things I started sewing for my home. It’s so simple, only takes a few minutes and really adds interest to your curtains! Our living room curtains needed some tie backs, so I thought I would document how I made them!
2 pieces of 5 X 22 inch fabric
Scissors or rotary cutter
Small plastic circles (I can’t remember the technical name-they are at the fabric store)
Wall hooks
Fold the strips in half, right sides together and pin.  Sew along two edges, leaving one edge open.
Turn right side out and pin open edge as shown. Top stitch 1/4″ around entire strip, closing the open pinned edge.
In two opposite corners of each strip, hand sew on a plastic ring. 

This is what your final product will look back after top stitching and sewing on the rings.
Put the wall hooks in the walls next to the curtains where you’d like them to go, and you are done! 
Here is another example of the tiebacks I made for our bedroom!
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