Homemade Lavender Bath Bombs + A Fabric Softener Review

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guys know I’m all about making my own laundry detergent and fabric
softener. But sometimes I really miss that fresh laundry scent that you
just can’t get with the homemade stuff. When I was asked to try out a
new fabric softener
from Suavitel, I decided to go for it because sometimes you gotta just
“Treat Yo’Self!” (Anybody else love Parks and Recreation as much as me?)
I decided to come up with a homemade bath bomb recipe to really enhance
my yummy scented towels. 
homemade lavender bath bomb recipe and a reivew of suavitel
I share my bath bomb recipe I of course do want to give an honest
opinion of the Suavitel fabric softener. I had never heard of it before
to be honest. But the cool thing is that it’s a fast dry product, so it
makes your laundry actually dry faster. And, seriously, it smelled
amazing.  So it would be a great option if you needed to dry your
laundry in a hurry for whatever reason! I used it on a big comforter
that usually takes forever to dry and it did speed up the process a bit.
So, I would use it to treat myself every once in awhile with a fresh
smelling warm towel waiting for me after I use my homemade bath bombs!
homemade lavender bath bomb recipe
LOVE lavender scented things. Actually, my favorite ice cream is
lavender ice cream from a local gourmet gelato place in town. It sounds
weird, but it is so amazing.  So, I decided to come up with a bath bomb
full of lavender scent. I was shocked at how easy they were to make
because I know that they can be pricey to buy at Lush and other high end
homemade lavender bath bomb recipe
And they are just so cute! Package them up in a mason jar to give as a gift or just keep out in your bathroom for easy access.
Here’s what you will need:


 1 Cup Baking Soda

1/2 Cup Citric Acid (I bought mine online)

1 Tsp Lavender essential oil

1 Tsp olive oil

 2-3 TBS dried lavender buds (optional)

Silicone baking cups

Spray bottle of water (not pictured)

 You are just going to mix all of your ingredients in a bowl. I found it easier to mix with my hands. 

 Then, spray the mixture a few times with water. You just want it barely wet. 

 Once it holds together when you squeeze it, you are done. It really only takes 3-4 light squirts of water to get it to this point. 

 I added the lavender in at the end.

 Put a few lavender buds at the bottom of each silicone cup. 

 Fill the cups, pressing them down as hard as you can. I ended up filling them halfway, pressing the mixture and then filling the rest and pressing the mixture again. 

After about 30 minutes you can pop them out of the cups and they will hold together. But let them dry overnight before storing them in a container or giving them as a gift.  Aren’t they so pretty?

 And when you put them in water, they fizz up and the lavender escapes. It smells so good too!


Mine fit perfectly in a labeled mason jar to display in my bathroom. But since I have some ingredients leftover, I’m thinking of making some for Christmas gifts.

And if you are curious about trying out the Fast Dry Suavitel, I found it on the laundry aisle at Walmart.



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