Homemade {all natural} Fabric Softener

As promised, here is how I make homemade fabric softener!
All you need is:
White Vinegar
An Empty Jug (optional)
Essential Oils (optional)
I just poured some vinegar in an empty fabric softener container and added about 30 drops of tea tree oil.  But, you could just literally pour vinegar into your fabric softener dispenser in  your washer and that’s it! I added the oil for some extra scent.  The clothes come out smelling fresh and not in the least bit “vinegary”. They are also super soft. So frugal and natural…love it!
Anyone else have other fabric softener recipes? I saw some online involving conditioner, but wasn’t sure how all of that would work! I’ve also seen ways to make homemade natural dryer sheets. Maybe I will try that next!

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