Healthy Summer Lunch: Smoothie Bowls

After vacationing in Colorado for a week and eating not so healthy, I was brainstorming on some yummy and healthy lunch ideas last week.  We decided to try out the newest trend called “smoothie bowls”. Have you heard of it? Maybe I’m way late to the game, but I feel like I haven’t seen these around until this summer.  Here’s how we made ours!

There is no real recipe here. When I make my smoothies, I just throw stuff in the blender and go. But, we did try two different versions. The first was a green smoothie.

Oh, and in case you are confused, a smoothie bowl is basically pouring your smoothie into a bowl, adding some toppings and eating it with a spoon instead of drinking it. Simple! The green smoothie was good, but I didn’t make it thick enough. The toppings didn’t stay on top and just sank to the bottom. I didn’t add yogurt which I think was my mistake.

But the girls loved it! They had 2 bowls. I used spinach, pineapple, frozen bananas and almond milk. Yum! We topped it with my homemade granola, blueberries and strawberries.

The next version was much prettier and thicker.

This one was frozen raspberries, strawberry greek yogurt and almond milk. We topped it off with homemade granola and banana slices.

Oh, and my girls call this “fruit soup” and now ask for it every day for lunch. They will each eat 2 big bowls. I’m actually not the biggest fan of drinking my meals. I’d much rather eat something with a spoon than drink through a straw (I’d rather have ice cream than a milkshake and a piece of fruit than a smoothie)…so smoothie bowls are much more appetizing to me than downing a huge glass.

My next topping idea is…DARK CHOCOLATE. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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