Goals & Goats

How are you enjoying May? May and June are my favorite months out of the year.  The weather here has been perfect (aside from the normal spring tornadoes).  Here’s a little update on our May so far…

We’ve entered a new world. We have a little soccer player living at our house.  Actually, she’s a “blue tiger”. The kids came up with the team name themselves. (Although one little boy and Reid were pulling for Tiger Werewolves, it got nixed by the coach).

So far, Lula has only a few practices.  But, they will have 3 games total. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Lu is the only girl on her team…

But, she’s not the worst player. She has some pretty sweet moves up her sleeves.

My favorite move is rolling in the grass while everyone else kicks the ball. That’s my girl.

I think that’s why they gave her the #1 jersey.  Don’t be jealous, boys.

She’s still perfecting her victory dance. Hopefully she will get it down by the first game coming up!

And I can’t forget to show you the cutest cheerleader for the Blue Tigers!

We have already made a few trips to the children’s farm in town.  It’s such a great place, so many animals, play areas and best of all…free on weekdays! Wohoo! The girls love it.  The baby goats are their favorite attraction.  Lula picks them up and Jane plays in the dirt and goat poop. Lovely.

Don’t be fooled by this picture, she’s going for that nice and clean goat dirt.

The big goats are pretty cool too.

We decided to rock the side ponytail for the farm.   Hipster.

There is also a little garden area that’s just adorable.


Slides are best utilized when going down head first…fyi.

Great spring morning at the farm!

And I leave you with this random picture.  Are these not the cutest little people? I want some fabric made out of these drawings.

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