Frugal Decor Tip: Transform Thrift Store Frames in to Lovely Art

 For your frugal decor tip #2, I’m going to talk about how to transform ugly thrift store frames in to something you would actually be proud to hang on the wall. This ties in nicely with yesterday’s frugal decor tip.

Tips for Transforming Thrift Store Frames:

Don’t worry about the color or finish of the frame, just look at the shape and condition it’s in. You can spray paint any frame to cover up an ugly brown or brassy frame. Just look for frames that are in good condition and the size or style you want.

Always look for frames that also have a mat inside of them.  Did you know that you can also spray paint the mats inside of frames? Just pull them out and spray them white or whatever color you want and they are as good as new. Usually matted frames are the same price as the other ones, so I always look for ones with mats (because I usually prefer the look of a matted frame)

Spray paint a bunch of frames the same color. You can stick pretty much anything in a white frame with a white mat and hang a bunch of them together and it looks like lovely art. Seriously, just try it. If you have an empty wall, get a bunch of different sized frames at the thrift store, spray paint them all white (or black) and put kids art, homemade art, free printables, or whatever inside of them and that wall will instantly be interesting (like I did here!).

More decor tips tomorrow!

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