Repurposing Day 18: Felt Flower Poufs

I’m doing another re-post today for a repurposing project.  This is a cute and easy way to spice up an old sweater, cardigan, scarf etc…enjoy!  I promise I have new projects to post soon!  After making my felt stockings, I’ve had a ton of leftover felt. So, I decided to try making these flower poufs, which ended up being very easy!! You can pin one on a sweater, headband, barrette, use it to decorate a package…the possibilities are endless!

First, you need to cut 8 felt rounds, the bigger the circle, the bigger your pouf will be.

Then, you are going to take four of the circles and fold them into fourths

Once they are folded, you need to pin them together to form a circle like pictured below. Use lots of pins because they are a little tricky to work with at this point.

After you have them pinned, simply sew them by hand in the center. Mine does not look pretty and I just kinda randomly sewed. This will not show in the end, so you basically are just making sure that nothing comes loose!

After you have sewed the first four circles, you will take the next four and do the same thing. Once they are folded, just layer them right on top of the four that are already sewn, and continue attaching so that you now have two layers of four folded felt circles.

After everything is attached, remove all the pins and you have a cute little pouf!! See, none of the messy stitching shows!

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