Etched Ornament Tutorial

Hello everyone! I have a fun and easy little ornament project to share with you all today. I recently did this craft with my MOPS group and thought it ended up being pretty simple!

It’s a great way to make a personalized gift for someone…or for your own tree! These are the supplies you’ll need:

You will need some letter stickers and any other shape that you want to add to your ornament (I did dots and stars), a glass ornament, a sponge brush and some etching cream.

First, you will make your design on your ornament with the stickers.  You could do a monogram, polka dots, your last name or anything your heart desires!

Next, you will brush on a thick layer of the etching cream.

Let it sit for a few hours.  I actually forgot about mine and it sat overnight and it turned out great! You just don’t want to remove the cream too soon.

Then, wash off the cream and peel of your stickers and you have a beautiful etched ornament!

Tie a pretty ribbon on the top and you’re done!

Happy crafting!

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