DIY Lamp Makeover

Even though I have been slow to post, I have been going crazy with projects.  My goal is to get Lula’s room finished by her birthday (which is on Friday!!) so that she has 6 weeks to adjust to a big girl bed and different room before the baby takes over he old one! That is assuming the baby does not come early! 
It’s been a bit difficult to get an entire room ready with basically every single item in the room a DIY project while 8 months pregnant with your husband out of town for 6 weeks, but I have lots of incredible friends (and my mother) that have helped me along the way!
This is the first of many projects–a super cute lamp! I took some before pictures of a lot of my projects and they all got mysteriously erased from my camera. I almost cried. This lamp was one of those pictures. The before picture along with step by step picture instructions were erased. So, we will make due.  The lamp was a dark brown, so I spray painted that section white. The lampshade was a cream color.
For this project you will need:
hot glue gun
bias tape
1/4 yard of fabric
spray adhesive
First (these were the pictures that got erased, so just use your imagination!)..cut the fabric to fit around the shade, leaving it a good 6 inches wider just in case. 
Next, you are just going to carefully align it with the lampshade and use the spray adhesive to attach.  I did this in little tiny sections, really smoothing out the fabric to make it look really professional with no bumps. Follow the directions on your spray adhesive.
Next, turn under the edge and hot glue down to make a seam as shown:
This seam can just be the backside of the lampshade.
Then, trim and wrap the edges to the inside of the lampshade, and attach with a bead of hot glue.  When done, it will look like this on the inside:
I wanted a more finished look for the top of my shade, so I got some bias tape and hot glued it along the raw edge of fabric:
You could skip this step, but I think it really made it look more finished and less “homemade”
And you are done!!
You can see a sneak peek of Lula’s wall color behind the lamp! 

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