DIY Fruit and Veggie Stamps

Summer is in full swing and so are the delicious fruits and veggies! I don’t know about you, but sometimes we go crazy at the grocery store sales on the summer produce and some of our fruits and veggies start to go bad before we can eat them. Or if you have a garden, you may be overflowing with veggies very soon! I came up with this easy DIY using your produce as stamps. So easy, cute and fun for the kids!

First, grab your fruit and veggies and cut them in half. I’ve seen this done with limes and lemons before, but I decided to get crazy and try it with things like avocado, garlic and even a semi-rotten sweet potato. I really think anything would work!

Mix up some acrylic paint and brush onto your veggie with a sponge brush. I tried to keep my colors the same as the fruit, but you could definitely get crazy and creative with colors if you want.

Press onto a piece of paper…

Lift up…and see what fun shape you just created.

Just a tip, test out your stamp first on a scrap piece of paper just to see if you need to add more paint, press down harder or lighter. Each fruit/veggie is different and some are “juicier” than others, yielding different results.

Just keep stamping away until you fill your paper. Oh, I did this on a plain white piece of card stock.

I felt like I needed to throw some smaller stamps in there, so I stamped a cute little grape…

And my favorite, a trio of blueberries

And lastly, because I thought it needed one more thing to complete the “art”, I looked up the names of all my fruits and veggies in french and added the words with a fine tip sharpie around each stamp.

I think it added a little more personality. And I don’t know French, so hopefully my translations are correct. If not, just don’t tell me and I’ll never know the difference.

 Display somewhere in your kitchen for summer!

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