DIY Brush Stroke Letters

Last week I shared my trash cans that I transformed into stools for the basement playroom.

Well, I’m back with another quick playroom project! I’ve had some letters sitting around for awhile that I knew I wanted to hang on the brick wall, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. I finally got out my paints and went crazy making them super colorful!

I love how they turned out! I didn’t have a real plan, I just knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of color. I started off with these cardboard letters from Joanns.

I painted them with white acrylic paint first. Then, I just started layering on different colors of brush strokes in the color palette that I want for the basement.

I did a few colors at a time, then I would let it dry for a bit and then layer on more colors. If you don’t let it dry between colors, you will end up with a muddy end result.

I kind of want to do a painting in this style for a spot in our living room. It was so fun and didn’t take long at all!

Also, you may notice something else that’s different about this spot…

That’s right. I painted the table! I covered the top in chalkboard paint and the legs in some leftover teal Annie Sloan chalk paint that I had on hand.

My next step is to add some art supply storage to this wall. I can’t wait to finish up this little nook!


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