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Have you seen the DIY blog tour posts going around? Last week, Trina from A Few Minor Adjustments tagged me to jump on the trend! It’s been interested to read a little more about what bloggers are up to and how their process works. I thought it would be fun to answer the questions and tag another blogger to carry on next week!

On to the “interview”…

Q.  What Am I Working On?

A.   People always seem to ask me this question when they ask about my blog. The truth is, I’m always working on everything and nothing at the same time. I seem to have a million ideas that I’m jotting down on paper, excel documents, notebooks, receipts, journals…you name it. But, I seem to rarely execute those ideas. I’m trying to get better at this by narrowing down the good ideas from the bad and setting goals of actually getting some things done. One of the ways I plan to implement this is by setting the goal to blog 5 days a week in September! I have some really fun autumn DIYs coming up that I’m so excited to share with you all!

Q. How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?

A.  This is the most difficult question for me to answer. The truth is, I’m not really sure if it does or how it does differ. I get inspired from lots of other bloggers and artists and I know that subconsciously I’m taking pieces of what they do and implementing it into what I do. Everyone has a different style and I know I have my own as well. I can’t say specifically how it is different, I just know it is. I am always struggling to find “my style” or my signature look to set my blogging apart, but I’m not the best at determining what that is.

Q. Why do I write/create what I do?

A.  The reason why I love DIY blogging is that it takes everything I love and puts it all in one place. I love photography and graphic design. Blogging gives me a reason to take photos and play around with Photoshop on a daily basis. I love figuring out blog design and tinkering with HTML code periodically. I also love being creative. Coming up with projects and tutorials really gives me so much joy (weirdly). I feel like I finally have a reason to keep a running list of ideas and inspiration. I also love showing other people how to do stuff. I used to be an elementary art teacher, so I think creating tutorials keeps that art teacher part of me alive. Lastly, I’ve learned that I love learning about business and marketing.  I have really enjoyed reading books and articles on this subject and how it pertains to blogging. I would so that I DON’T necessarily blog for the money. Yes, I do sponsored posts occasionally and have ads on my blog, but I don’t earn much money at all. And I didn’t start my blog for that reason. And my advice to anyone interested in starting a blog would be, don’t just do it for the money because you will be sorely disappointed. But it is a perk if you work at it!

Q. How does your writing/creating process work?

A.  I touched on this earlier, but I keep a list of ideas when I get one. I have lots of Pinterest boards (and a few secret ones!) to store ideas as well as just writing something down on the nearest piece of paper. I usually weed through them and pick the ones that stand out to me. Then, I will continue to expand on those ideas and usually it evolves into something totally different. That is where I just start creating. For me, about 25% of the time they are total fails, I just end up throwing it away. But a lot of the time, after tweaking, I like what I”m doing and start photographing the process. I have to plan all of this around my daughters’ naps because I only take photos in daylight. So, that gets tricky! I also have started planning ahead and making multiple projects at once on the weekends when my husband is home and scheduling out blog posts. I usually do my photo editing and post writing in the evenings. I schedule out my Facebook and Twitter posts too, usually in the mornings. So although it might appear like I’m constantly posting on social media, I’m not. I just schedule everything out in the morning for that day.

Now It’s my turn to tag someone!

I’m going to tag Audrey from Oh So Lovely. She is a fellow Kansas City dweller and has a bright and beautiful blog.

 Audrey offers tons of awesome free downloads and printables as well as creative DIY projects.

For instance, she just posted these adorable free September desktop Calendars!

She will post her DIY Blog Tour answers on Sept. 8th!

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