Brush Stroke Autumn Wreath

I thought it was time for a new wreath! I’ve made plenty in the past, but I was in the mood for something new and fall-ish. I decided to try to recreate my brush stroke letters that I painted for our playroom into a wreath.

The process was kind of funny for this, though. It usually happens that I start out with something in mind but the end product ends up looking totally different. I wanted to try my hand a pool noodle wreath. I’ve seen these around lately and it’s a genius idea! I don’t know who thought of it, but just brilliant! Those wreath forms are so pricey, but a pool noodle is $1! I love Corey from Tinysidekick’s newest fall wreath (made from a pool noodle).

Start out with your pool noodle and some duct tape.

Cut the noodle to the length you want depending on how large you want the wreath. I cut about 1 foot off of mine with a serrated knife. Then just form it into a circle and tape!

This is where things got cray cray. First, I spray painted the whole thing white to make it easier to paint. At first, I wanted a black and white wreath. I thought I would just slap some black paint on there and call it good. Well…it wasn’t so good.

When my daughter said…”Mommy, why are you making that pool noodle look like a zebra?” I knew I had a problem. So, I thought I would add some navy and orange for a modern fall-ish color scheme.

No bueno. I realized I was making the brush strokes too random and not choosing colors that blend well at all. So, I scratched everything and decided to make all my strokes going in one direction like I did with my brush stroke playroom letters.

I also decided to play it safe and use analogous colors. A.K.A…colors that are beside each other on the color wheel. So, oranges, reds and yellows. The end result was much better.

I knew it needed something else, so I raided my crafting stash and found some trim, paper and letter stickers to make a “hello” banner going across.

Totally different than my original idea, but I think it turned out pretty cute and rather unique!

And the colors are just perfect against our bright yellow front door.

Have you made a fall wreath yet? I have some more ideas, but I may save it for a Christmas wreath! But stay tuned…more fall decor is coming next week. And check out some more fall ideas in this roundup ove on I have a Future and a Hope!

Have a great weekend! Come over to my Facebook page and share photos of a wreath you’ve made. I love seeing what readers are doing!

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