Brown Paper Packages

Are your gifts still not wrapped?  If you need some inspiration, I decided to mix things up a bit this year and use brown grocery bags and some paper I had on hand.

I cut my paper into little triangles and sewed them together to make tiny flag buntings.  I made sure they boy presents had no pink or purple flags.

For the labels, I just cut circles out of the extra bags and tied them on.  Simple.

I found some super cute and cheap ribbon and debated on the traditional red or green, but decided on bright colors that I can use for another day.   This present was rather wrinkly…I considered ironing the paper, but was a bit hesitant that might not be fire-safe. (Sorry your present is wrinkly, Haven!)

I think they look pretty cute all together.  Yay for cheap and recycled wrapping paper! I’m glad I saved all of those Trader Joes bags! (Since I always forget to bring my own!)

Happy wrapping!

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