A Modern Fall Mantel

When I made my geometric planters last week, I knew I wanted to use them on my mantel. I have a DIY blogger’s confession: I’ve had the same stuff on my mantle since winter. Granted, it wasn’t super “wintery” but it definitely didn’t reflect the appropriate seasons at all. I knew it was time for a change for fall!

I love shopping my own stuff to rearrange my mantle and bookshelves. I cleared everything off the built in shelves and mantle and rearranged everything. It’s the cheapest way to change up decor…FREE!

However, I did use some Dollar Tree finds (do I really need to mention yet again how much love that place for craft and home decor supplies? and no, I’m not being paid to say this!). I also crafted another fabric wall hanging.

After making the fabric banner a few weeks ago, I had the idea to make one to hang on the mirror over the mantle, but using a quote seemed a little silly.  As I was browsing Pinterest and wishing I had some antlers, I had the idea to just do antlers on the banner and I love how it turned out!

I just used the same exact method as the quote banner to do everything except instead of stenciling on words, I used antlers. I also contimplated stenciling on a leaf, but I’m glad I went with the antlers. I can keep it up for my Christmas decor and it will go perfectly.

I found the pumpkin and gourds at Dollar Tree for $1 (duh) and just spray painted them gold.

Then of course I added my faux succulents and geometric planters and everything else was just stuff I already had in various spots.

I also snapped a few photos of my rearranged shelves. After uploading this picture, I noticed that my girls did some rearranging of their own and switched around some stuff, but I think it still looks fine. I kind of like that they like to get involved with decorating and helping make the space their own.

What is on your mantel for fall? Do you do seasonal decor or just keep it the same all year round?



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