A Cheerful Shared Room

I thought it was time to do a little “room tour” to show you all Lula and Jane’s shared room.  Most of the projects have been on the blog, but I haven’t really shown the room as a whole. It’s a casual space that honestly often looks really messy. But today it was clean so I snapped some pictures!

The girls love their bean bags
that I made them for Christmas. It really was such an easy project with
great results.  I often catch them sitting on their little bean bags
and reading books, which is exactly what I envisioned when I made them!

 And of course they made their canvases that hang above their heads. Can you guess who sleeps where?

The quilt on the bed is one that my mom made for Jane when she moved out of her crib. I love the modern design and the bright and fresh colors.  She used nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Baily which was very fitting since it was for my Janey Sue!

My quilt I made for Lula when she transitioned out of a crib sits at the end of the bed and goes perfectly with Jane’s quilt!  Oh, and if you are wondering where the other bed is, this is it. My girls share a bed! It has been a great space-saving solution and they absolutely love it.

The lamp I made over for Lula awhile back still goes great with the colors and fabrics.

I stuck some leftover fabrics in embroidery hoops and hung them over their bookcase/toy storage. Each girl has a piggy bank (or “penny” bank as they call  it) and a sweet picture from 3 years ago of each of them in white frames.

We are still using the easy sheet curtains that I made in this post. They are so simple. I love plain white curtains with colorful walls!

The little chevron drawers hold dress up clothes (which are bursting out, we need something bigger to store them in!).  I also have an empty frame that I can switch out artwork from the girls with clothespins. The alphabet print is actually framed wrapping paper.

So, there you have it! Not perfect or magazine worthy by any means, but it works for us! Oh, the wall color is Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore. It’s a great color, it actually a bit more green than it appears in these pictures.

The only things I would want to add in the room are changing out the light fixture (right now it’s just a “boob” light) and adding a fun rug…oh and making a chest for dress up clothes. I actually have a DIY project in mind for that. Other than that, we are happy with how it is!

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