800 coffee filters and 50 glue sticks later…

I finally finished my coffee filter paper lantern!  Most of you guessed what I was making for the bedroom. 
 It was a little labor intensive, but I love it!! Reid was skeptical that it would be too “girly” for the bedroom, but he loves it as well!
When I saw this lantern, I knew I had to try it!
Here is how I did mine:
I was naive enough to start out with 200 coffee filters.  Needless to say, I made 2 more trips to the store to get more. Good thing they are less than $1 for 100!
I already had a $2 paper lantern lying around.
I started out by taking a filter…

Twisting it up a bit…

And then cutting off the end.
Then just hot glue the cut end onto the lantern.  You want them to be very close together.
This is how it looked after 200 filters. I had a loooong way to go…
The most expensive part of the project was this pendant light kit
that I got off of Amazon.
Once all the coffee filters were glued on, I trimmed them down to make them nice and even…and then hung the lantern!
The room is not finished, so excuse the mess and temporary curtains
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