5 Tips on Blogging

I’ve had people ask me about blogging who are wanting to start a blog or already have one.  I know a lot of blogs out there share a wealth of tips and tricks so I’ve never touched the subject here. But I thought since I’ve had questions quite a bit, I should at least give my opinion on a few things and talk about what I’ve learned throughout my blogging journey. There really is SO MUCH to learn and do with blogging. It’s quite overwhelming! I thought it would be fun to share 5 quick tips that come to my mind first when it comes to growing your blog.  Maybe you’ve heard all of this before or maybe it will be new info.

5 Quick Tips on Blogging

1. Realize that Blogging Is Not A Quick Way to Make Cash
First off, I did not start my blog to make money. I really think that if your goal is to make money, blogging probably isn’t the avenue that will be the most lucrative for you.  That being said, it’s great if you have a blog about something you are passionate about, that you can earn a little extra money while doing what you love. I didn’t put a single ad on my blog for the first year or so of having it and even then, I didn’t really make any money for a whole year after that. So, it took 2 years of having a blog before I made anything.  Now, I wasn’t trying to earn money at that time, so I’m sure it would have happened faster if I was putting more effort into it. But it does take time, patience and a lot of work to earn money blogging. But it can be done.

2. Start with a Good Blog Design
I think a quality, clean blog design makes a HUGE difference when it comes to blogging and growing your blog.  A blog that is easy to navigate, modern, fresh and professional will draw me in as a reader and make me want to stay and look around on that blog as opposed to one that is cluttered, busy with hard to read fonts and small pictures.  I have found that every time I give my blog a “makeover” and improve on things, it makes a big difference in my readership.

If you want to get serious about blogging, make your blog look like it’s professional.  When I visit a blog and it’s difficult to find things, the photos aren’t the best quality and I have to go through a million steps just to comment, I usually just leave and don’t bother commenting or staying to browse.  Make it as easy as possible for your readers to find things, navigate and leave comments.  If you want to grow your blog and get comments, please consider taking off the option that makes your readers enter a verification code, sign in or whatever to leave a comment.  I don’t have any of those options and I still don’t get very much spam…and I’ve received thousands of comments.  As for your design, if you have a dark background, think about changing it to a lighter color or even white.  Consider getting a menu bar to make things easier to find.  Maybe even think about investing in paying someone to redesign your blog.

3. Photos Photos Photos
This is ironic because this is one of the few posts where I’m not using very many photos. BUT, as a rule, I think high quality photos are SO important in writing a good blog post. If you are in blogger, make your photos the “extra large” size. And if you do that and they are fuzzy, you may need to get a little nicer camera.  Think about lighting. If you are taking pictures of a food dish or craft project, try to take it in the daytime in a room that gets lots of light or by a window.

And crop your photos so that there isn’t much else going on in the background.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just simple and clean. Take as many photos as possible of each step instead of just the end product. These things will entice your readers to stay longer.

4. Share the Love
If you want to grow your blog, you can’t be selfish.  Meaning, you need to visit other blogs, and comment comment comment! If you see a fun post, why not take an extra 2 seconds and leave a comment? Usually that person will go visit your blog and maybe you have just gained a new reader.  I’ve started setting aside a few minutes a day just for commenting on other blogs.  And don’t just leave a vague comment like “cool project. come visit my blog!”, actually read their post and give a real comment or question such as: “I love the way you painted that dresser. What color of paint did you use?” I have noticed that when I really take time to consistently comment on other blogs, I see a gain in readership.

5. Take Risks
When I really wanted to get serious about blogging and growing my blog, I realized I needed to start putting myself out there a little more. It was scary and I often felt (and still feel) dumb.  But I started contacting other bloggers that I admired and asking them if I could guest post or if they could guest post on my blog. 90% of the time I got no response or a “no” as my answer.  But that 10% that said “yes” really made a difference. I had a few bloggers with a significant larger readership respond positively even when I wasn’t expecting an answer at all. You never know what people will say.  You have to just go for it and see what happens.

Those are just 5 basic and vague tips that come to mind for me. I have much more to say and have learned so much, so maybe I will do some more posts on specific ways to improve your blog if you are interested!

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