Playroom Art Supply Storage

After making my brush stroke letters for the playroom, I knew that my next task was to come up with an easy way to store art supplies for that new space.

So, I headed off to Michaels with some 40% off coupons and snagged 4 galvanized buckets. I also got some command hooks because I knew hanging stuff on brick is a pain and didn’t even want to mess with it. The end result….


I think it’s just perfect! So far, they are holding up well and nothing has fallen off the wall (fingers crossed…)

Each bucket holds a different supply. We’ve got markers, crayons, colored pencils and paper.  Coloring books and other supplies will go in a basket on the shelf.

I thought about cleaning off the chalkboard table to make this more “Pin-worthy”, but I kept it just to show you what it looks like in real life and that the girls have been having fun coloring on their table.

The stools have been holding up great so far too! I can’t wait to start on my  next playroom project. This room is finally starting to come together!


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