DIY Thrifted Owl Lamp

For today’s tutorial, I’m bringing out a long lost project that I totally forgot about. My first article for Vintage KC magazine, was making a knock off version of an owl lamp that I found at West Elm. I never shared the project here on the blog, so here ya go! It’s one of my favorite DIYs that I’ve done. I’m kind of sad that I don’t even own the lamp as we happily gave it away for the magazine. Hopefully it’s in a good home!

Here’s how i made it:

First off, you will need to find yourself a ceramic owl. I scored this one at the thrift store for $4.



  1. 3


    Can a 3 way bulb socket be changed to a one way socket? Hey guys, I'm serious. I have 3 of these darn things & hate having to buy those "special" bulbs

  2. 12


    Awesome transformation! Spray paint really can fix anything. Good thing too, because that original owlie would have scared the bejiminies outta me if I'd caught him peepin' at me late at night from the mantel. 😀

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    Danielle says

    Is part of this tutorial missing? I just acquired a ceramic lamp from my grandfather and I want to make this lamp FO SHO! It is so cute! Can you show me how to find the rest of the steps? Or am I just missing something obvious?


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