February Favorites

I haven’t done any favorites posts in awhile and I thought it would be fun to bring it back for February. Do you guys like these types of posts? I always like seeing random stuff that people are reading/buying/using/watching/wearing/eating etc. It gives me inspiration and good ideas!

I really don’t have a ton of things to talk about, but I did divide them up into a few categories. The first category is food favorites.  Also, normally I would love to take photos of these objects, but I didn’t this month. Hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.
 I get in major food ruts.  I will find a recipe or something that I love and I will make it multiple times a week until I’m sick of it. This month there have been two recipes I’ve been loving and have made a ton.  
Protein Shakes
I know it sounds weird, but I’ve been concocting a little protein shake almost every day and it’s so yummy. Reid and I have been exercising and running some long distances lately and I’ve been trying to experiment with having a recovery drink after a long run or workout. Here’s what I’ve been putting in my shake:
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein (we have the 365 brand from Whole Foods and it’s really good)
1 cup almond milk
1-2 TBS peanut butter
1/2 Banana
dash of cinnamon
Blend it up and enjoy. It tastes like a milkshake but it’s good for you and a great way to get in some extra protein. 
Black Bean Soup
My friend Amy made this soup from Gimme Some Oven for a craft night and it was SO good. I couldn’t believe it when she told me it was just 5 ingredients. I have since made it a few times and this last time I made a double batch and froze some of it. It’s seriously the easiest soup ever and SO yummy and healthy. You have to try it (and check out the rest of the blog, it’s awesome).
The term beauty is used loosely here because I’m no beauty guru, but I’ve found 2 things this month that fall into this category that I thought were worth mentioning.
I mentioned this in my winter beauty essentials post, but I picked up this Honeysuckle Honeydew lip balm by EOS and I’ve really loved it. Mainly I just think the packaging is adorable, but I also find it’s easier to track down because of it’s egg shape. I’m notorious for losing lip balm. I also love the flavor, it smells so good!
I needed some new mascara and thought this looked a little crazy and interesting. It’s the L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara. The wand kind of looks like butterfly wings (hence the name) and I think it’s pretty sweet. It definitely isn’t super clumpy which I cant stand. I want just a natural look. My eyelashes are super light, like almost white, so mascara is the one thing I wear everyday!
I always love to share the blog love around here. So, when I find a new blog or two that I am obsessed with, I love telling you all about it. This month I’ve discovered/rediscovered 2 great ones. 
I actually heard about the Pencil Shavings Studio Etsy shop a long time ago and have drooled over her stuff for awhile. But I recently discovered the blog. Oh my goodness, it’s pretty much eye candy. Everything she sells in her shop, makes, does to her home, blogs about is just beautiful. You must check it out!
The Handmade Home is a blog that I’ve rediscovered recently. It’s another one that is just full of amazing and beautiful things.  It’s a great assortment of DIY, home decor, kids projects and blogging inspiration. It’s a must read!
My last two favorites didn’t fall into any of the above categories, so I’m calling them “random”. 
I mentioned earlier that I’ve been running lately and I was in dire need of new running shoes. My previous ones were about 9 years old.  I broke down and bought these Nike Pegasus on sale and I absolutely LOVE them. First of all, they are mint green so of course I love that. Secondly, they are SO comfortable. My feet feel like they are walking on a cloud. I was having some knee pain, but as soon as I started running with these, all the pain went away. I would highly recommend them.
Lastly, Reid and I have been watching Portlandia on Netflix and it’s so hilarious. I cannot guarantee that it is always appropriate, so be warned. But some of the sketches are just amazing and are so right on.
So, there you have it! I wish I had some books to include on the list, but I’m not finished with the ones I’m reading and didn’t want to include them until I was done. Next month hopefully I will have those to share!


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