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I’m back with another organizing post! Back in January I organized my blog and made an organized planner.  Today I’m sharing a quick way that I hope will solve some of our mail and paper clutter that seems to quickly overtake the house.

I already had this shelf on hand that has been in multiple rooms in the house. It used to hold books in the nursery, then it moved to holding coloring books by the art table and now it’s living in our entryway. It’s an old library shelf that was from an antique store. It used to be bright orange and I spray painted it white. I was trying to come up with a way to put it to better use, so this was my solution!

This best part of this project was that I didn’t have to buy a thing. I used washi tape, scrapbook paper and files that I already had on hand. I covered the clothespins in washi tape and made labels, then clipped them onto each “pocket”.  Then, I covered the files in scrapbook paper using spray adhesive. I also labeled these.

Hopefully since each spot is labeled, we will know exactly where to stash that mail, school papers, magazines and other junk that piles up.

I divided the mail slot into multiple files to sort the mail right then and there. There is a file for me, Reid, outgoing mail and miscellaneous.

I discovered that keys can easily be clipped with the clothespins as well. Sunglasses and wallets can also be stashed in a designated slot.

I’m hoping this will help solve some of our clutter problem, and it looks cute!


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