2012 Blogging Recap

I’m back from a nice long blogging break to wish you all a Happy New Year!

This was going to be our card to send in the mail, but after Walmart messed up our prints twice and New Years is over, I guess it will just be a “virtual” card for family and all of you readers out there!

I thought it would be fun to review some of my favorite projects from 2012 and get ready for some fun and new things in 2013 on Homemade Ginger!

12 Favorite Posts from 2012

1. Chapstick Cozy Keychains

This quick project was one of my favorites from back in January. I may need to make another one to survive another winter!

2. Homemade Foaming Soap

We are still loving the homemade foaming soap. I’ve even upgraded to a nicer foaming soap container that I bought on Amazon. This soap lasts forever!

3. Cheery Door Hoop Tutorial

This little hoop I made back in March still hangs in our entry way. So bright and welcoming!

4. Thrifted Word Art

I still love this thrifted piece of art I made back in March. In fact, I want to do a different take on this project for the girls’ room.

5. Omelet in a Bag

Thanks to Pinterest, my omelet in a bag post has received a huge response. It’s a great recipe to try or revisit!

6. Entryway  Window

We’ve upgraded our entryway window with pictures in each frame. It’s been a cute place to hang coats and hats this winter!

7.  DIY Silhouettes

These map silhouettes were so quick and fun. I love that they can easily be switched out as kids grow!

8. DIY Dishtowels

In September, I used fabric paint to make some dishtowels to coordinate with our new kitchen. It was such a inexpensive way to personalize some plain white towels!

9. Repurposed T-Shirt Trick or Treat Bag

In October, I repurposed some old white T-shirts into cute trick or treat bags for the girls.

10. Chevron Drawers

I spruced up some old drawers for the girls’ room to store dress up clothes. I just used leftover supplies I had on hand and loved the results!

11. Anthropologie Inspired Giftwrap

The Anthropologie knock off gift wrap was a huge hit over Christmas. My girls had such a blast helping glue on the pom poms for each present.

12. Quick Easel Makeover

And finally, we are loving the little makeover I did on our art easel. I can’t wait until the rest of our office/play room comes together to show you all!

I already have so many more ideas and projects that are already in the works for 2013. I hope everyone had a blessed 2012 and are looking forward to everything the new year has to offer!


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