homemade ginger: May 2012

The White Stripes

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My entryway is dark. I've been trying to find ways to spruce it up and lighten the area. There is zero natural light coming in and it feels like a black hole. So, I did a fun little project with paint to liven things up a bit. Here it is before (see the paint swatch I tested by the door):

And here it is after:

I love it so much! The pictures don't do it justice.  Like it said, there is NO natural light coming in, so it's impossible to photograph.

First of all, I repainted all the walls and my hallway a lighter color. I'm hoping to paint our big living room the same color as well to make everything fresh and bright. I chose Carrington Beige by Benjamin Moore.

Next, I marked off the walls with white chalk. I have 11 stripes total, so I had to do some math and measurements. White chalk is great because it easily wipes off.

Then, I taped off the stripes, making sure to tape on the OUTSIDE of the areas I wanted to paint...if that makes sense.

I rubbed each tape line a few times to make sure there were no gaps or bubbles to create a clean line.  Then, I took some leftover Carrington Beige and mixed some white paint I had on hand to create a slightly lighter version.  I wanted subtle stripes, so that's why I didn't do plain bright white.  As soon as I was done painting (luckily, I just needed to do one coat), I took off the tape before I even moved on to the next wall. This helped create crisp lines.

I really love it. It just classes things up a bit and helps with the no natural light problem.

I also added a rug to cover the ugly marble.  Maybe someday we'll retile. So many projects. I have a few other things to do to complete my entryway makeover.  I want to paint the inside of the front door. I'm thinking yellow...(again, poor lighting + quick photoshop = probably not as good as it would look in real life)

or maybe just white...

And we'll tackle that closet door as well. Our plan is to get a sprayer and paint all of our doors at the same time. I'd love to spray paint the handles some oil rubbed bronze at the same time!

Estate Sale Finds

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I've been having trouble with blogger for the past week and haven't been able to do a new post! I'm not sure what's going on, hopefully it will get resolved soon!

I hit up a huge warehouse estate sale last week and had to share my finds.  I've been looking and looking for a chandelier to paint for Lula's room.  I wasn't willing to spend much and I needed something the perfect size.  I scored the perfect brass chandelier that I've actually already painted, now I just need to hang it! It was only $10, so I couldn't be happier!  Once it's hung, I'll be sure to post the "after" pictures.

The estate sale also had tons of these old metal letters.  I had to buy some, but wasn't sure what I would do with them.

For now, 2 of them live in the bathroom above Lula and Jane's towels.

Pretty cute! 

Now I have to find homes for the other letters.

Repurposed Stretchy Headband

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lula had her first soccer game last week and we decided she needed a matching headband to coordinate with her soccer shirt.

I cut up an old tshirt of mine that was the same royal blue as her soccer jersey to make a stretchy headband.

I cut about a 8 inch strip of my old t-shirt and then folded it in half lengthwise.

After stitching the long edges together and turning it inside out, I had this long tube.

Next, I folded one of the edges under

I fit the opposite end inside the folded edge and stitched closed to form a circle.

After making a flower out of some leftover felt and finding a matching button in my stash, we were done!

TUTORIAL: Etched Glass Mug

Monday, May 14, 2012

Here's a quick little project that I did for the girls to give their grandmothers on mothers day.  It didn't turn out perfectly, but I think it was still cute.  I used the same method as the etched glass ornaments.

First, you want to print or draw out the words that you want to etch. Then, you will lay that on top of the back side of some painters tape.  The girls call their grandmas "Lolly" and Gramie", so that is what we put on the mugs!

Then, take your exacto knife and carefully cut around the letters, making sure that both layers are being cut.

Next, get out your glass mug. I found mine at Target.

Place your painters tape stencil on the mug.

Now you want to get out some etching cream. It can be found at any craft store.

Use a sponge brush to apply the cream to the stencil. Apply it fairly thick.

Let it sit for a few hours and then wash off with soap and water.  Here's where my mugs went wrong. I don't think I pressed the tape down enough and some of the etching cream seeped through, making the letters a little fuzzy. So, I went back with a toothpick and evened out some of the edges and let that sit for another hour or so.

Then, after you wash that off...you are done! My letters still weren't perfectly crisp, but still cute! Fill the mug with some fun little gifts and you are good to go!

Family Photo Shoot

Friday, May 11, 2012

A few weeks ago, our friend Cari was kind enough to take some much overdue family pictures for us. I love how she captured all of the natural and little moments of the outing.  It was so fun to look through all of these and see some of the funny outtakes. Here are just a few of the hundreds of beautiful pictures that Cari took. Enjoy!


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