TUTORIAL: Repurposed Trick or Treat T-Shirt Bag

I did not make any adorable or complicated Halloween costumes this year. (Unlike the sock monkey costume from last year). We are just using something we already have on hand. However, I did whip up some trick or treat bags using old T-Shirts.

This was super easy and it’s so easy to customize. You could make these bags for any occasion…a cute one for the farmers market or grocery store, make one to wrap a present instead of traditional giftwrap…the possibilities are endless!

First, I grabbed 2 nasty undershirts of my husbands…he tends to wear them even though they have huge holes. Lovely. I also picked up some liquid RIT dye in Sunshine Orange

I followed MADE’s directions for dyeing fabric without using the washing machine.

Once they were washed and dried, they looked like this:

To make these shirts into bags, I turned to good old Martha Stewart’s tutorial.  First, turn the shirt inside out and stitch the bottom hem closed.

Next, grab a bowl and use it as a guide for making the neck hole bigger.

Cut it out.

Cut the sleeves off….and you now have a bag!

I could have stopped there, but I decided to add some freezer paper stencils to make them a little more festive. There are zillions of tutorials online for this method of stenciling. Just google it.

After some black fabric paint and using the hairdryer to dry it out (I’m impatient)…I was done!

Two bags for my 2 trick or treaters!

And hopefully they will hold up to use next year and the year after that and so on…

Have you ever tried making a T-Shirt bag? I am curious how well they hold up when carrying heavier things like groceries.

And don’t forget to come back TOMORROW for my very first ever Ginger Jamboree LINK PARTY!!

It officially starts tomorrow, but I will put up the post tonight for any of you early birds!


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    I'm pinning this because for the second year in a row my kids pumpkin buckets weren't big enough and the handles almost broke off. But I'm thinking I'll run out and buy Halloween shirts on clearance at Target to use. Then they're already decorated. Thanks for sharing.

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