Gray Gray Gray

No, this post isn’t about gray paint or gray fabric or gray decor…it’s about gray nails.

Not my typical post, i know. But, I thought it would be fun. I’m not a huge nail polish person mainly because most nail polish comes in shades of red or pink. And I never wear those colors because they just don’t look good on me. But, I’ve been loving gray nail polish. It’s versatile, goes with everything and doesn’t feel flashy! However, I’ve discovered it’s kind of hard to find the right shade. I thought I’d give a low down of the 3 colors I have on hand and maybe one of them will fit your fancy.

The steel gray by Rimmel was the first one I bought a few months ago. I think it was the cheapest gray I could find, so I snagged it. I got the Essie in Master Plan a few weeks ago and the Loreal in Stroke of Midnight last week.

First, the Rimmel. It’s fine, but it actually is more brown than gray. The name is deceiving. It’s almost purple at times. I like it fine, but I definitely wouldn’t call it “gray”. It’s a good neutral winter color, though. I really like the application brush. It’s wide and holds a lot of polish on it, making you able to get away with just one coat.

Next, the Essie color. This nail polish is the highest quality of the three by far. It dries very hard and stays on for a long time. It’s also a few dollars more than the others. I like the color, but it’s a tad too light for my skin tone. I’m so white, that the color ends up being the same value as my skin tone. If you are not super pale like me, it would probably look awesome on you. I will definitely still wear this color, but I wish it were slightly darker.

 Lastly, the Loreal color in Stroke of Midnight. I love this color. It is slightly sparkly and looks almost navy sometimes. The nail polish itself isn’t very high quality, it requires about 3 coats and doesn’t last very long. But, the color is great and it’s not hard to just brush on another coat to touch it up. Plus, it was cheap!

So, I would say in order from LEAST favorite to MOST favorite, it would go Steel Gray, Master Plan and the winner is Stroke of Midnight. And the Essie wins the longest lasting award!

So, there you have it. Do have any gray nail polish that you just love? Please share!

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever Ginger Jamboree link up party! I’ve been slowly going through all the links and there are so many cool projects. Last I counted, there have been 140 projects linked up so far….140!! That went beyond my wildest dreams for the first day of the first link party. There is still time to link up your projects or there is always next week! Go at least check it out and visit some other blogs!


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    I have a nice charcoal grey polish I bought like two years ago at Icing that is similar to the Stroke of Midnight color. I probably like it for the same reason as you – I'm pretty pale, LOL.

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