A Journal Project

Recently, I have acquired some journals from Reid leftover from work. They are thin and have a plain cardboard front. I actually like them the way they are, but thought it would be fun to figure out some ways to spice them up a bit.

I for the first journal, I didn’t think much. I just found some vintage fabric scraps and came up with this:

It’s the same concept as my fabric cards. I just cut a few leaf shapes out of the fabric

Then,  I laid them out until I liked out it looked…
After that, I literally just sewed them on with the sewing machine. I added a “stem” down the center as well. Since the journal will get more use than a card, I tried to come up with a way to keep the thread from unraveling. I took some fabric glue…
And put a dot on each thread ending on the backside
And done! 
  I’ll be back later with updates on what I’m doing with the other journals!

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