homemade ginger: A Journal Project Part 2 & An Exciting Announcement!

A Journal Project Part 2 & An Exciting Announcement!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome to Part 2 of my little journal project. You can check out journal #1 here. Remember the journals started out like this:

And journal #2 ended up like this:

It doesn't get much better than maps and chevron! I simply had an old map that I cut some chevrons out of...

And then I sewed them right onto the front cover with my sewing machine.

After trimming off the excess, I was done! On yeah, just like in journal #1, put a dab of glue on the backside to reinforce those seam endings. (this is pre-glue)

Two more journals to go!

Now, on to an exciting announcement, as promised. Drumroll.......

Starting this Tuesday, October 29th, Homemade Ginger will be hosting a weekly link party called "Ginger Jamboree" !

Every Tuesday you can tune in here and link up your wonderful tutorials and projects for everyone to see. I will be picking my favorites and featuring them the next week! I even have a handy featured button that you can put on your blog to brag to the world!
I have so many people tell me about fun projects they have been doing, that I figured this would be the best way to share the love. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with each week! Pass it on to the world, the more the merrier!!

You can even grab a Ginger Jamboree button found on the right hand sidebar!

I've also changed some design elements up on my blog.  I have put a "Ginger Likes" section on the right sidebar where I will change out some of my favorite things I'm loving or wishing for right now on Amazon. Check it out, I will change it often!

I can't wait to see you all back here on Tuesday for the first ever Ginger Jamboree!

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  1. So first. Love the journal. If I were a traveler I can see me filling that with notes and momentos from exotic places. Second. Yeah! New link party....



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