Gray Gray Gray

No, this post isn’t about gray paint or gray fabric or gray decor…it’s about gray nails.

Not my typical post, i know. But, I thought it would be fun. I’m not a huge nail polish person mainly because most nail polish comes in shades of red or pink. And I never wear those colors because they just don’t look good on me. But, I’ve been loving gray nail polish. It’s versatile, goes with everything and doesn’t feel flashy! However, I’ve discovered it’s kind of hard to find the right shade. I thought I’d give a low down of the 3 colors I have on hand and maybe one of them will fit your fancy.

The steel gray by Rimmel was the first one I bought a few months ago. I think it was the cheapest gray I could find, so I snagged it. I got the Essie in Master Plan a few weeks ago and the Loreal in Stroke of Midnight last week.

First, the Rimmel. It’s fine, but it actually is more brown than gray. The name is deceiving. It’s almost purple at times. I like it fine, but I definitely wouldn’t call it “gray”. It’s a good neutral winter color, though. I really like the application brush. It’s wide and holds a lot of polish on it, making you able to get away with just one coat.

Next, the Essie color. This nail polish is the highest quality of the three by far. It dries very hard and stays on for a long time. It’s also a few dollars more than the others. I like the color, but it’s a tad too light for my skin tone. I’m so white, that the color ends up being the same value as my skin tone. If you are not super pale like me, it would probably look awesome on you. I will definitely still wear this color, but I wish it were slightly darker.

 Lastly, the Loreal color in Stroke of Midnight. I love this color. It is slightly sparkly and looks almost navy sometimes. The nail polish itself isn’t very high quality, it requires about 3 coats and doesn’t last very long. But, the color is great and it’s not hard to just brush on another coat to touch it up. Plus, it was cheap!

So, I would say in order from LEAST favorite to MOST favorite, it would go Steel Gray, Master Plan and the winner is Stroke of Midnight. And the Essie wins the longest lasting award!

So, there you have it. Do have any gray nail polish that you just love? Please share!

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever Ginger Jamboree link up party! I’ve been slowly going through all the links and there are so many cool projects. Last I counted, there have been 140 projects linked up so far….140!! That went beyond my wildest dreams for the first day of the first link party. There is still time to link up your projects or there is always next week! Go at least check it out and visit some other blogs!

Repurposed Trick or Treat T-Shirt Bag

I did not make any adorable or complicated Halloween costumes this year. (Unlike the sock monkey costume from last year). We are just using something we already have on hand. However, I did whip up some trick or treat bags using old T-Shirts.


Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

This was super easy and it’s so easy to customize. You could make these bags for any occasion…a cute one for the farmers market or grocery store, make one to wrap a present instead of traditional giftwrap…the possibilities are endless!

First, I grabbed 2 nasty undershirts of my husbands…he tends to wear them even though they have huge holes. Lovely. I also picked up some liquid RIT dye in Sunshine Orange

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

I followed MADE’s directions for dyeing fabric without using the washing machine.

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Once they were washed and dried, they looked like this:

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

To make these shirts into bags, I turned to good old Martha Stewart’s tutorial.  First, turn the shirt inside out and stitch the bottom hem closed.

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Next, grab a bowl and use it as a guide for making the neck hole bigger.

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Cut it out.

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Cut the sleeves off….and you now have a bag!

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

I could have stopped there, but I decided to add some freezer paper stencils to make them a little more festive. There are zillions of tutorials online for this method of stenciling. Just google it.

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

After some black fabric paint and using the hairdryer to dry it out (I’m impatient)…I was done!

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Two bags for my 2 trick or treaters!

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

And hopefully they will hold up to use next year and the year after that and so on…

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable DIY trick or treat bag!!

Have you ever tried making a T-Shirt bag? I am curious how well they hold up when carrying heavier things like groceries

Noonday Collection Necklace Review

I’ve the opportunity to review an amazing organization called Noonday Collection.  My friend Holly works for Noonday and sent me a necklace to review (and keep!)  First of all,  Noonday is a company that sells fair trade jewelry made by artisans around the world.  They are committed to providing stable jobs and income for poverty stricken families around the world as well as caring for orphans.

Here are some of their goals (found on their website)

  • Providing jobs that create a pathway out of poverty for
    families. A stable income means a family is less likely to abandon their

  • Help families raise money for their own adoptions. We give
    10% of trunk show sales directly to the adoptive family when they host a
    trunk show.

  • Aside from donating 10% towards qualified adoptive families,
    Noonday Collection also gives towards orphan care and prevention. Watch
    the video to see one of our beneficiaries.

  • The dream: Take YOU on a trip to visit artisans and visit orphans in their distress. 
And their jewelry is actually really beautiful! Here is the necklace I was sent. 

It’s the ancient ways necklace made in Ethiopia.

With every piece of jewelry, you get information about where is was made, who made it and what materials were used. This is the information on my necklace:

This piece is handmade in Ethiopia using recycled nickel, copper, and
bronze melted down from previous war weapons. Most of the artisans who
created the pieces are HIV positive and receive healthcare and literacy
training in addition to job training. 

Isn’t that awesome?

Some of my other favorite pieces are:

The twisted necklace

The Cascading Falls Necklace

Dulce Necklace

Bengali Sunset Earrings

Crocheted Juxtopostion Earrings

And really, there is so much more!  I love finding quality organizations like this that are passionate about ending poverty in responsible ways: by providing fair jobs and opportunities.  And I love their commitment to caring for the most helpless of us, the orphans.

You can buy from the Noonday website, or even do a home show or party for your friends. What a perfect way to buy Christmas gifts while doing a little good! You can also email Holly if you are interested in finding out more:

A Journal Project Part 2 & An Exciting Announcement!

Welcome to Part 2 of my little journal project. You can check out journal #1 here. Remember the journals started out like this:

And journal #2 ended up like this:

It doesn’t get much better than maps and chevron! I simply had an old map that I cut some chevrons out of…

And then I sewed them right onto the front cover with my sewing machine.

After trimming off the excess, I was done! On yeah, just like in journal #1, put a dab of glue on the backside to reinforce those seam endings. (this is pre-glue)

Two more journals to go!

Now, on to an exciting announcement, as promised. Drumroll…….

Starting this Tuesday, October 29th, Homemade Ginger will be hosting a weekly link party called “Ginger Jamboree” !

Every Tuesday you can tune in here and link up your wonderful tutorials and projects for everyone to see. I will be picking my favorites and featuring them the next week! I even have a handy featured button that you can put on your blog to brag to the world!

I have so many people tell me about fun projects they have been doing, that I figured this would be the best way to share the love. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with each week! Pass it on to the world, the more the merrier!!
You can even grab a Ginger Jamboree button found on the right hand sidebar!
I’ve also changed some design elements up on my blog.  I have put a “Ginger Likes” section on the right sidebar where I will change out some of my favorite things I’m loving or wishing for right now on Amazon. Check it out, I will change it often!

I can’t wait to see you all back here on Tuesday for the first ever Ginger Jamboree!

Fall Fun: Leaf Garland

 The girls and I had some fall fun in this beautiful weather. We collected a bunch of leaves and made a little garland.  It was such a simple activity that the girls could do themselves!

 First, we hunted for the best leaves in the neighborhood.

After we acquired a colorful stash, we spread them out and sprayed them with hairspray. This is supposedly supposed to help “preserve” the leaves. I’m not sure how well it will work, but it was worth a try.

Flip them over and spray the other side.

Next, it was time to assemble the garland. I found a jute rope at the craft store for $1.50. I stuck a piece of double sided tape to each leaf while the girls stuck them onto the rope.

And then we were done!

Now to find a place to hang our creation…

We decided on the fireplace so that everyone can enjoy it.

Now we will see how long those leaves last before shriveling up and turning brown.

What fun things are you doing with leaves to decorate?

A Journal Project

Recently, I have acquired some journals from Reid leftover from work. They are thin and have a plain cardboard front. I actually like them the way they are, but thought it would be fun to figure out some ways to spice them up a bit.

I for the first journal, I didn’t think much. I just found some vintage fabric scraps and came up with this:

It’s the same concept as my fabric cards. I just cut a few leaf shapes out of the fabric

Then,  I laid them out until I liked out it looked…
After that, I literally just sewed them on with the sewing machine. I added a “stem” down the center as well. Since the journal will get more use than a card, I tried to come up with a way to keep the thread from unraveling. I took some fabric glue…
And put a dot on each thread ending on the backside
And done! 
  I’ll be back later with updates on what I’m doing with the other journals!

What I’ve Been Working On Lately

I know my blogging has been less than consistent the past few months. But, it’s for good reason. I’ve been working on an important project. You can see the progress in the photo below…

The secret is finally out in blogland! I had mentioned earlier how I was struggling with some issues with constant headaches during the summer which prevented me from giving much attention to things like blogging. Well, as soon as that was under control, I found out I was pregnant and was very sick for a few months. Yuck!

I finally feel somewhat back to normal and I’m excited to share the news with the world.  I’m almost 16 weeks (I went ahead and rounded up…) and I’m due March 31st which is Easter Sunday. We are so excited to find out the gender this time around, something we didn’t do with Lula or Jane. We will find out on November 7th and I can’t wait!

I’m sure once I know, I will go crazy with making things for this new little boy or girl. Right now we are thinking of things like…switching the girls to the same room, getting Jane potty trained before baby comes and purchasing a minivan that will fit our family of 5. Yikes…a lot of logistics to consider when moving up to 3 kids!

TUTORIAL: DIY Girl’s Wooden Bead Necklace

When I saw this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, I thought it would be fun to try. But, I was worried it would look too homemade or childish for me to wear. Lula loves wearing dress up necklaces, so I thought it would be the perfect little project to make for her. It’s cute enough that she can wear it “for real” and look adorable.

It’s so super easy. I read the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess and then made my own modifications!

First, I bought some large wooden beads at the craft store along with some acrylic paint (the really cheapy kind!) and some acrylic gloss varnish. I put a little piece of tape down for each bead to hold in place while I painted them with a sponge brush.

  It did take a few coats of the yellow paint to get them all covered, but here is how they looked after painting and before the gloss varnish.
After one coat of the gloss, they looked shiny and finished. I found a yellow ribbon I already had on hand and I was done!
   Lula loves wearing it of course and next time I will definitely have her help me make one herself! 

I would be cute to throw in a few beads of a contrasting color or even make a multi-colored strand.

Vintage Chair Update

 I’ve been longing (and saving) for some different living room furniture.  We’ve never bought a single new piece of furniture, everything is hand me downs and garage sale finds. But, I think it’s time. However, until then, I did a quick little update to our vintage armchair. Here is the chair before:

And here it is now after some white paint!

I think it brightens it up and makes it a bit more modern

It was a bit tricky to paint the wood without getting any on the upholstery.  I did manage to get some on a few spots, but nothing noticeable.

I love quick and cheap updates. This one was free since we always have leftover paint lying around. Sweet!