Kitchen Details

Pardon the ugly un-tiled backsplash, but I thought I’d post a few fun kitchen-y details.  I saw this idea on Pinterest to use a cake stand near the sink for your soaps and sponges. I picked this pretty white one at T. J. Maxx for $10.

For my sponges, I found a flower pot for $3. It’s a cute way to conceal your nasty sponges, and since there is a hole at the bottom, the yucky water can drain out, keeping the sponge a little less yucky. (Don’t forget to sanitize your sponges in the microwave or dishwasher every day or so and change them often!)

For my soap, I found this nice foaming soap dispenser that I can easily add my frugal and natural homemade foaming soap recipe to! The bottom is a suction cup so it doesn’t slip off.

Instead of having random vitamin and prescription bottles everywhere, I scored this little brown wicker basket for a few bucks to conceal them in. And that white ceramic coffee container was a thrift store find! Isn’t it cute? (It will look so much cuter next to the subway tile!)

Lastly, I had to buy this aztec-y black and white chevron runner for in front of the sink. I found it at T.J. Maxx. It’s actually an indoor/outdoor rug which should make it easy to clean!

Progress is slow, but it’s *almost* done!!

Oliver + S Patterns

Have you heard of Oliver + S patterns? Oh my goodness, they are so cute.  The styles are so classic and high quality. I have never actually made one of these patterns, but my mom has! Here are my two ladies in the ice cream dress pattern

Aren’t the cute?

I think Jane is excited that she is TWO today!!

She also whipped up these other dresses in the seashore sundress pattern:

Doesn’t get much cuter than that!

And next up, she is working on the Badminton pattern. It’s a top and skirt. In honor of the Olympics, maybe?

I chose some of these Sarah Jane fabrics and can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Maybe someday I will actually make the dresses myself instead of my mom. I really should refer you to her blog, since she did all the work!