Real Food Day 23: Recipe Favorites

I’ve tried out quite a few recipes for this month’s real food challenge and I just wanted to share some of my favorites!

My all-time favorite recipe that I’ve discovered are these whole wheat pita pockets.  I’m so amazed and impressed at how easy they are…and they are so soft and delicious. Much better than the store-bought kind.  I will definitely be making these often.  I’m going to try to  make a large batch and freeze them.  Since the bread turns out so light and soft, I’ve been using these for sandwiches instead of regular whole wheat bread. Yum!

I discovered these chocolate chip cookies on pinterest.  I was drawn to the recipe because they have no sugar or sugar substitutes in them at all.  They are naturally sweet because the recipe calls for bananas and coconut.  I did use regular chocolate chips, but you could use raisins or a dark chocolate bar cut into chunks. The chocolate chips I used probably violate the rules because of the sugar in them. But, I can feel good about making a healthy cookie that actually tastes good!

Finally, I’ve been making whole wheat bread pizzas for the girls for lunch.  We had some pizza toppings leftover from our Christmas party and I just throw them on a piece of whole wheat bread and stick it into the oven for a few minutes.  They are yummy and if you add veggies (UNlike my picture above) it makes them extra healthy for lunch!

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