Repurposing Day 11: T-Shirt Flower Ring

I’m excited about today’s repurposing project! I saw these necklaces on Pinterest and decided to do something simliar with an old t-shirt

These are the supplies you will need:

Hot glue gun
1 circle piece of felt
A bunch of circles cut from a t-shirt (about the same size as the felt)
A piece of the hem of the shirt

Fold a t-shirt circle over the toothpick and add a drop of glue

Press it down on the felt circle

Keep adding circles over and over again, making them very close together.

When you can’t squeeze any more in, it won’t look pretty.  So, now you will take the scissors and give it a “haircut” 

Much better!

Make a loop to the desired size with the hem section and hot glue it.

Glue on the flower and you are done!

Such a quick little project with cute results. You could also make earrings, necklaces, add one to a sweater…the possibilites are endless!

It would make a super frugal gift as well!

Just make sure you take it off before washing your hands. No one wants to wear a soggy ring!

As promised, I’ve created a special page just for all of my 30 Days of Repurposing tutorials! You will also see a tab up in the menu bar.  Check it out!

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  1. 1


    Hi Megan-this is so cute! I just wanted to tell you that I have loved every one of your repurposing projects–I try to use repurposing in lots of my projects, too.! You are so talented at sewing and refashioning-something I want to learn! Thanks for the great tutorials and pictures!

  2. 12


    I love this idea! I have been unsuccessfully looking for some plain metal ring bases to make my own, but your solution is genius! Thanks for sharing.

    • 13


      You can find them at Hobby Lobby. They are called ring blanks. They normally have them half off. If they are not on sale you can usually print a 40% off coupon from their site. Although this idea is far cooler!

  3. 18


    Love it!!! My Crafternoon girls are coming over next weekend to make the scarves out of tshirts….this is an awesome way to use up scraps from the project!!

    ~ Just Jen

  4. 22


    awesome! great gifts for girls w/o too much expense! took me only 15 minutes to do. most of it just cutting circles.

    anybody use a die cutter for their fabric circles?

  5. 23


    Love it! I made a scarf necklace out of a t-shirt and this would be perfect to make out of the scraps. How big is your felt circle and about how many circles did you cut?

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