homemade ginger: Repurposing Day 1: Old Sweater into a Sock Monkey

Repurposing Day 1: Old Sweater into a Sock Monkey

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Greetings! I'm so excited about Day one of my 30 Days to Repurposing project (you can read all about it here)!  I hope I can keep up and post a different repurposing project every single day this month.  I'm optimistic that I will follow through.

For day 1, I will be showing you how I turned an old thrift store men's sweater into a sock monkey costume!
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I already had the hat and took it to the thrift store to find a sweater that matched.

I can't take all the credit, though. I saw this one on Pinterest and just knew I had to try something similar for Jane since we already owned the hat.

It would probably work even better for a baby that isn't mobile.

It's actually the perfect trick or treating attire because it's very warm without a coat!

I'm splitting this up into 2 days.  Today we will learn how I made the pants. 

Here is the sweater before

And here it is transformed into the pants after

Before I start the tutorial, here are a few disclaimers:

  • this is the first time I've attempted to make something without a pattern, so bear with me. It's not perfect!
  • being the first of many tutorials for this month, I left out a few steps. hopefully the future ones will get better and better as I improve and learn from my mistakes.
  • I used a serger for some of the steps, but you can easily do a zig zag stitch instead because I know most people don't own sergers. (I'm sure I will be saying this over and over again.)

Step 1.  Find a pair of pants or leggings, fold them in half and trace around them to create your pattern piece.  I also cut off the end of the pattern for the cuff. 

Step 2. Lay your pattern piece on the fold, pin it down and cut out. I used a sleeve for each leg.

Step 3. Unfold and pin on your cuff, right sides together and sew. (Do this to each leg)

Step 4. Sew the legs, right sides together along the curved edges. 

Step 5. Flip the pants the other way around and sew along the inseam of the legs, right sides together.

Step 6. Attach the waistband, fold over and insert elastic. (sorry, not all of this is pictured!!)

Step 7. Turn right side out and now they should resemble pants!

Step 8. Do your research.  I grabbed a sock monkey we had to look at the tail.

Step 9. Cut out some felt in red and white to resemble to sock monkey rear area. Sew in place by hand.

Step 10.  Cut out a rectangle for the tail. I just eyeballed how long to make it.  Cut another curved white piece of felt for the end of the tail.

Step 11. Attach the white piece to the rectangle, sew up one end and stuff it. (Again, sorry this isn't all pictured, I'm learning!)

Last step is to attach the tail by hand sewing it on.  Mine definitely does NOT look perfect, but it's a Halloween costume that will be worn a handful of times, so I can keep it all in perspective. No one will notice the flaws.

You are  halfway there to having a cute little sock monkey. I will explain the shirt tomorrow!
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My little monkey and cat had so much fun showing off their costumes around the neighborhood...now I need to hide all that candy!

Come back all month for 29 more repurposing projects!

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  1. Seriously Megan, that is ADORABLE! Great job!

  2. Ahhhh!!!! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen :D Thanks for sharing!


  3. Adorable! love this costume idea. pinerest is so great and your tutorial is great

  4. You.Are.Amazing! So inspiring, such a great job!

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  6. Oh mercy...that is ADORABLE!!!! Way to go!

  7. This is one great Tute, Megan! Congrats!!

  8. Your tutorial is great! The costume is monkarvelous! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Super cute idea- I love it and your creative repurposing ideas! Just grabbed your button for my blog :)

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  11. Aww this is soo cute ..i love it ;)

  12. O wow, this is so perfect! Lovely huggy sock monkey! Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is so cute!!! I found you through the Southern Institute link part and I love your upcycling projects!

  14. This is so beyond adorable! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  15. Would you sell it? I would love my son to wear that this year!



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